Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School . . .

. . . is cool with a Japanese Style Lunch Bag. And you can find them of course in our Little Sapling shop on Etsy.

When my little boy's friend returned from visiting family in Japan he and his sister had adorable little lunch bags just like these. When fully opened the lunch bag becomes a place mat that lays flat on the table. Once emptied it is collapsible and lightweight and can be easily stored in a backpack and then machine washed at home. It is reversible. So it can be cinched closed
with either side facing out.

As you can see our blog has been a bit uneventful of late. The very last post was last August when everyone was stocking up on, you guessed it, school supplies. It is that time of year again. So come by Etsy and check out our lunch bag selection.

Have fun getting everything ready for the new school year. And when you are busy stocking up on pencils, crayons and notebooks, think about grabbing one of these as an alternative to the commercial lunch box. Yumm!