Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want to make more of these sweet bunnies.

I call them 'moody little buddies' and each one is scented with a natural herbal aroma. This chamomile bunny is so calm and peaceful he didn't even get excited when he made it to Etsy's front page. Although, I was very excited for him.

This little aromatherapy bunny sold. But I would love to make more of them and list them in my shop. What better way to deliver a little bit of calming aromatherapy than this delightful little wool bunny?

They stand about 7 inches tall. I plan to make a lavender scented bear, and a tangerine scented kitty, too. I already have a minty birdie listed in my shop.

I used chamomile flowers and essential oils to imbue this Moody Little Buddy with the refreshing scent of chamomile. Chamomile has a mild calming aroma that reduces stress and tension. Chamomile is traditionally considered to be generally uplifting and also promotes restful sleep.

Ahhh, I love you moody little buddy.


  1. Bunny is super cute. What a great idea, I think you should definitely make more ;)

  2. Very cute and congratulations on making it to the front page! I have added your flannel wipes to my favorites.

  3. This little guy is so cute! I will have to keep you in mind when looking for gifts for my friend's kids.